Why Project Management Is The New Normal

Why Project Management Is The New Normal

Projects are steadily becoming the new way that the world works and the reality of management is that standard ways of working have been replaced by bespoke chunks of activity and production.

How has this come about?

  • Automation and the widespread use of computer software has freed up many staff members to work upon specific and pre-planned commercial activities that would not have been possible previously.
  • Global competition has significantly speeded up the need to reduce development time and costs for new products and services.
  • Downsizing has created a temporary labour force of skilled professionals able and willing to work for organisations on a project-by-project basis.
  • Increased corporate outsourcing of areas such as research, marketing and human resources lend themselves very well to using project managers and project specialists.

The key to success in fully utilising projects in any organisation is to make sure that the outsourced, or not outsourced project is fully aligned and integrated into meeting the needs of the organisation’s customers.

Good Luck!

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