The 5 Essential Ingredients For Effective Management Communication

The 5 Essential Ingredients For Effective Management Communication

Managers often only have one chance of getting communication messages accepted and understood: therefore this needs to be a Right First Time approach to workplace dynamics.

To ensure what you want to say is received and accepted, ready for implementation everyone the following 5 factors need to be very carefully considered:

  • Clarity: clear and concise language always works best. Never use over-complicated words, acronyms or systems-speak when you can just spell it out simply and effectively.
  • Brevity: keep the message short and to the point. Over-long communication only serves to confuse and to create uncertainty. Why say something in 100 words when 20 carefully crafted words will do a better job?
  • Context: think about the background to the message that you are sending out and make sure that what you are saying is not at odds with the operational and strategic background. Communication that is not in sync with its context only serves to confuse and create more problems than it aims to solve.
  • Impact: imagine what the impact of your message will be, especially if it is something that may not be welcomed by those receiving it. By considering what the reception is likely to be you should be able to tailor the content so that it is as well received as it can possibly be.
  • Value: in a world where communication is a storm and where many communications are ignored or given little attention, think about how your can stand out and be received and actioned. Think about the core content of what you are saying and how likely it is that staff will want to receive the message and act upon it.

Good Luck!

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