How To Be An Influential Leader

How To Be An Influential Leader

When it comes down to it there are only 5 ways in which very influential leaders get to be successful. 

The basic building blocks of this success lie in mastering the following features of a dynamic and truly effective leadership style:

  • Believable: do you act in such a way that what you say and do is credible and is valued by your audience? Some leaders consider themselves to be genuine but there is often a very big gap between this perception and the reality seen and felt by your staff. Close this void at all costs!
  • Capable: have you got the knowledge and understanding to do the job, to the best of your ability and to convince those around you that you are a safe and trusted point of reference, both in good times and in bad?
  • Reliable: when things get difficult can you deliver? When colleagues come to you for advice do you offer this when it is required and is it of good value?
  • Emotionally connected: are you passionate about the direction of your organisation, are you aware of the needs of your staff and do you care about them both in terms of performance but also in terms of their general well-being? Cold and aloof leadership seldom delivers excellence but will create uncertainty, mediocre outputs and high staff turnover.
  • Selfless: putting others before you and making sacrifices for the bigger picture and the greater good.

None of the above should come as a big surprise and all the above will help you stand out as a leader that delivers and who is widely respected as such.

Good Luck!

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