Managing Your Team – Pitfalls To Avoid

Managing Your Team – Pitfalls To Avoid

Getting your Team to perform well is not as easy as you might think it to be and much of your success here lies in preparing the ground and modifying your approach as the Team begins to develop.

Some common pitfalls that will derail your plans are below:

  1. Never expect a new team to perform effectively from the word go: there will always be phases of inactivity, poor performance and procrastination. Getting Team dynamics right takes time and patience.
  2. Dominating the work of the team, whether intentionally or unconsciously: let them get on with things and allow them to work out issues and problems for themselves
  3. Having excessive control which may stifle creativity: give them a broad outline of the tasks and issues they need to work with and resolve and them let them develop their own ideas. You cannot be right all of the time and there will be issues that you have not considered.
  4. Allowing the Team to lose focus on the tasks to be completed: maintain a healthy interest in performance issues and nudge as required to keep them on track.
  5. Allowing individuals to take credit for the achievements of the team: this is a Cardinal Sin and should never be allowed to happen.

Team dynamics need constant attention and monitoring but NOT interference and always remember their success is your success, just as much as their failure is your failure.

Good Luck!

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