How Entrepreneurs Should Keep Customers Happy

How Entrepreneurs Should Keep Customers Happy

Good customer experience is not just a matter of delivering a product or service efficiently, although performance at this level is important. There are often emotional and situational elements too. If you fail to consider the feelings and perceptions of your customer, responding to queries and complaints as quickly as possible you will always be falling short of what you should be all about.

So, what can the entrepreneur do?

Factors that help to shape expectations include:

  • explicit and implicit service promises
  • word-of-mouth reputation
  • the customer’s past experience.

If the actual service received does not meet expectations, there will be a ‘customer dissatisfaction gap’ and customer experience will be rated poorly. This can seriously hamper your plans for expansion, improving quality and delivering reliability. The way to confront this issue is to be very clear about what the customer experience actually is, not what you think it is, or what you hope it is!

Look scientifically at what you do: investigate and have clarity about the main points of contact with the customer, but recognise also that experiences are influenced by processes that occur before and after, as well as during sales transactions.

Make sure that your branding and marketing messages are aligned with the products and services you actually deliver.

Above all else, listen, really listen to your customers, even if this means making changes that you would rather not consider doing!

Good Luck!

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