Pocket Sized Guide To Excellent Communication

Pocket Sized Guide To Excellent Communication

Use the simple Guide below to deliver clear, crisp and faultless communication in your management role:

  1. WHY? Why am I communication this message? What do I want to achieve and what do I want to see happen as a result of the communication itself?
  2. WHAT? What am I going to say or write?
  3. WHO? Who is going to receive the communication? Do I need to alter or modify my message to make sure I am understood?
  4. WHEN? When do I need to send the communication?
  5. HOW? What communication medium will I be using?
  6. WHERE? Where will I be communicating my message? Does this need to be in private or in public?

By following the pointers above your communication will be solid, effective and relevant.

Good Luck!

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