How To Be Comfortable With Your Own Management Style

How To Be Comfortable With Your Own Management Style

There are plenty of academic models of leadership, all of which are well-intentioned, and which may, or may not, shed criticallight on situations that you are facing right now.

Whilst this is good there is still a nagging doubt that the principles in the models are a little too far removed from the issues of the here and now – so, what can bedone?

The best way forward is to look into yourself and reflect on the following pointers when facing a difficult challenge:

Step one: identify and assess the blocks that are preventing you from doing your job. Are these routed in your own beliefs about your abilities or are they based in the operational systems that you are working within?’ 

Step two : use your past experiences where you used your skills and capacities to good effect. By carefully reflecting on the confidence and power they gave you back then, they can be harnessed now.

Step three: think about and define your next steps. Get pragmatic – list the tasks required to meet a leadership challenge or deliver a project and then identify what the experiences recalled in step two suggest about the best methods for actioning those tasks. The key is to identify the conditions or resources that were in place then, which can be recreated now. Once this is clear, the next steps will become much clearer. 

This is a simple but highly effective way to overcome feelings of inertia and to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. It will also give you renewed energy and belief.

Good Luck!

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