How To Adopt Your Business Model In Covid-19 Times

How To Adopt Your Business Model In Covid-19 Times

If the global Covid-19 Pandemic has taught managers anything it is that to survive, managers and businesses alike need to recognise operational tactics that are not working – and quickly and effectively switch them to methods of delivery that are relevant in these changing times.

This can be identifying new customers, seeing where new footfall in customer numbers is developing and recognising that an existing product or service needs to find new users, perhaps in areas previously not deemed relevant or to problematic to access.

A good example of this flexing up of operational strategy is PRET A MANGER who are to start opening stores in Tesco supermarkets after their city centre cafes were struggling with office workers staying away from their places of work in favour of working from home.

The first such development for the company will open in June in Kensington, London with a further three locations being developed and opening in the summer.

By developing this new link and a new partnership with Tesco PRET A MANGER will be able to adjust their business model to a new way of living and working but which also offers a new service to a whole group of new consumers.

Make sure your business does not stand still and is not overtaken by your competitors.

Good Luck!

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