How Do I Know When I Have Got Delegation Right?

How Do I Know When I Have Got Delegation Right?

Managers just have to delegate some of their tasks, otherwise things do just not get done! The trick is knowing when and what you can effectively delegate.

You will know when your delegation strategy is working when:

  1. You have time to think about forward planning and organisation
  2. You have an able and willing Deputy to take over when you are not there
  3. You know the capabilities and limitations of your staff
  4. Your staff are well informed about the jobs they are doing
  5. Appropriate decisions are made by your staff and not you
  6. Staff have more self-confidence and increased capabilities to do their jobs and beyond their responsibilities
  7. Your staff happily give you progress reports that are accurate and helpful
  8. The department is running efficiently
  9. Morale is high, both individually and at a group level
  10. Sufficient attention is given to detail
  11. You have the time to follow-up departmental work
  12. Subordinates are available for promotion and they have wider aims and ambitions – that you can assist with
  13. Staff have a good understanding of company aims related to their own position

Assess your performance to date on the above pointers and adjust your approach accordingly.

Good Luck!

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