What Are The Top Five Management Challenges Right Now?

What Are The Top Five Management Challenges Right Now?

The management landscape is continually shifting and developing from the impact of seismic changes in the business environment, no more so than now with the huge instability and uncertainty driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, geo-political dynamics and ever-demanding customers.

This creates huge challenges for managers and leaders of every organisation.

The challenges are:

  1. Complexity of the strategic and operational environment: the days of organisations just working to serve a single customer have long gone and will never return. Success now depends upon successfully working with a range of different customers and adopting an outward-looking view of the world, where continual refinement of the product/service offer is an almost daily focus.
  2. Ambiguity: nothing is certain. Organisations are in a permanent state of doubt and general haziness about their markets, customers and the trends that are coming that they can develop and exploit. Customer tastes and demands are changing at alarming speed so that even the truly agile business, leader and manager must be comfortable with delivering in an imperfect knowledge world.
  3. Leading by Influence: it is simply not good enough to rely on the traditional chain of command to make things happen – that dinosaur died in the 1960s and any leader of manager who thinks that their position alone generates results is seriously out of cinque with reality. Effective leadership and management is now about delivering beyond your immediate job role and forging a network that delivers what you need to achieve, much of which is probably outside what your job title allows.
  4. Remote management is the norm: working from home and the development of dispersed organisations, with teams that seldom, if ever, are physically together in one location, requires skills of tact, diplomacy, planning, communication and objective setting that old-school management could never hope to master.
  5. Leading more quickly and effectively: time is the most precious resource that any leader of manager has, yet the need for making the right decision at the right time, often with imperfect knowledge has never been more important. Effective leadership is all about investing well in obtaining solid and reliable data that can then be analysed into workable information, in the hope of distilling real, relevant and accurate information to make the right decisions.

Recognise the challenges above and systematically work to close the gaps that you know that you have.

Good Luck!

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