What Are The Essentials Of Resilient Behaviour?

What Are the Essentials Of Resilient Behaviour?

Resilience is a key personal trait that we all must show at times of uncertainty, crisis and stress, both in our personal and professional lives. Some of us are more experienced and capable at this than others, but we can all continually work on this skill.

Putting your focus on the following should help with developing your Resilience:

Inner buoyancy: knowing that you are confident that you will rise to the challenge, survive and come through hard times. This includes a sense of optimism and engagement with life and work, underpinned by strong personal values.

Supportive thinking:being able to think in a reflective and rational way, to appreciate how your thought patterns impact upon your wellbeing. When dealing with others be aware of the need to listen to others and accommodate differences in personality and performance styles.

Application:your ability and patience in the identification of problems, setting goals and applying solutions to maintain a sense of worth and value in the face of possible difficulties or outcomes.

Connections:being aware of the need for emotional support and the ability to access it and the willingness to seek out feedback and support from a range of different sources. There is nothing wrong in seeking support, advice and guidance remembering that others will have come to you personally for help with their issues.

Self-regulation:your ability to return as quickly as is reasonable to a calm and measured state of mind following a confrontational, difficult or emotional incident. This also includes being able to rationally think through the possible consequences of actions and once completed, the ability to switch off and refresh.

Making healthy and valid lifestyle choices: eating regularly, eating well and relaxing in a healthy and balanced manner. No cigarettes, alcohol or food!

Resilience is a skill that needs constant work – keep your focus and keep developing your focus.

Good Luck!

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