How To Pass Your Exams

How To Pass Your Exams

Passing Exams is part of any career progression and is an essential tool used by employers and academic institutions to make selection judgements. Whilst this might seem somewhat simplistic and potentially unfair, the best way to get ahead is to focus upon a clear and straightforward plan to make sure that you do the very best that you can!

Staying focused on the points below will give you the structured path that you need.

Set realistic study targets

There is no point revising all hours until you are worn out by it. It is very important to set out reasonable study goals, broken down into bite-sized chunks that are manageable. By doing this you will be able to keep your focus and avoid becoming disheartened.

Summarise key points on Flashcards to help memorise information

The human brain cannot remember huge chunks of detail and information and if it is forced to do so, systematically shuts down its capacity to remember and recall pretty much anything else.

Put the main points of the content onto small cards or pieces of paper and then you can review their content at a later point. This acts as a memory jogger and gives you the chance to add further details in your memory onto those points. This will help you to absorb information at a steady pace and in a way that will be retained.

Pay attention to what you eat and take regular exercise

At times of stress we are likely to abandon our (hopefully!) regular balanced diet in favour of foods that are unhealthier, and which provide some “food comfort”. Eating the right food will help focus your attention and improve your concentration. Just as important is the need to exercise regularly – this is not about being fit to run a marathon, but exercise relieves stress and gives you a clearer focus. A regular walk or cycle ride brings great personal benefits.

Set up and keep in contact with your study group

Get a regular boost from your friends who are also working on their exam preparation and revision strategies. This can be done with social media tools if it is not possible to meet: sharing experiences and practicalities will give you a good source of support.

Take regular and quality breaks from studying

It is important to allow yourself time to switch off between working and studying for your qualification doing something completely different. Taking a break in this way will help you to focus upon the Examination process and make the time set aside for this valuable and meaningful.

There is a lot of truth in the advice that you can put too much effort into revision and preparation – the danger here is that what you have revised will be lost on the Examination day and you will not be at your best.

Get help if you are feeling overwhelmed

This is a time of personal stress – make sure that there are people who you can discuss your concerns with. This can be family, friends, your study group or your employer but contact someone if you are feeling anxious.

Good Luck!

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