How To Improve Low-Performing Employees

How To Improve Low-Performing Employees

All organisations, and all managers, will always be faced with the problem that not all of the their employees are high-performing individuals and that these member of staff do not fully contribute to the work of the teams to which they belong.

There may be many issues that come to the surface that have caused this problem but by being systematic and thorough in how you deal with the circumstances there are ways to improve performance and motivation in your low-performing members of staff. Before doing so make fully certain that you have reliable data and information that confirms low-performance, and not just a feeling or hunch!

Monitor the production and working habits of your under-performing staff. Make sure that you have clear notes and facts/figures to confirm your opinions – this could include quality of work, task completion time and number of errors being made, benchmarked against your top performers.

Give continuous feedback and comments on your observations. This makes clear your expectations of performance, but this needs to be accompanied by your suggestions for improvement, otherwise the observations just make the recipient resentful and less likely to want to improve.

Find out from your employee what their problems are. Find out what they are finding difficult or what challenges they are facing and what is getting in the way of achieving the production levels that you are looking for.

Set up a robust and quality training programme that gets to the heart of the issue. Training should promote quality, organisational values, product and service standards, product and service knowledge and employee expectations. The aim of your training content should be to help improve confidence, update skills and competence and to introduce more effective and efficient working procedures and practices.

Place your employee within a successful work team. This could provide a positive and supportive environment and learning opportunity, rather than being singled out for 1:1 attention and training.

Good Luck!

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