How To Sell If You Are Not a Salesperson

How To Sell If You Are Not a Salesperson

We all have to sell at some point in our managerial careers – some people make this their permanent role, seeking out prospects, making connections, persuading and then going in for the kill. To be honest, I’m quietly envious of their interpersonal skills, their determination and the way in which they show resilience, when most of us would just give up.

Professional sales people – I salute you!

For the mere mortals amongst us, selling is something we have to do on occasion, most notably when we are looking for a new position and where we need to sell ourselves, but there will be times when selling is an essential – making a proposition or suggesting a new way of doing something for instance.

Always remember that people buy from people and that you do not need to follow some mythical, well-trodden sales pitch that will “wow” your audience. The best, quickest and simplest way of getting what you want is to show your enthusiasm for what you are promoting: if you believe in your vision this will come across quickly and convincingly.

Stay quiet and find out what the other party needs before you try selling anything. This will mean that you will have to alter and amend your original idea to fit in with what you are offering but this means that you will have a greater chance of success rather than trying to impose your idea onto an unwilling audience.

Above all else, make sure that you really know your product or idea inside out, have examples of where and how it can work and the values that your idea represents.

Good Luck!

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