Agile Principles On A Post-it Note

Agile Principles On A Post-it Note

Let’s keep things nice and simple – simple is good, it stays in the memory, cannot easily be forgotten, no excuses for not following it, can be publicised in many different forms around the organisation and it fits neatly into a succinct and effective social media message.


Organisations exert huge amounts of time and effort in designing and them implementing Agile principles but there is a quick way to get everyone to recognise, understand and apply the cornerstones of the Agile approach, which will spur on the organisation to greater profitability and success.

A is for Authentic – stop trying to be everyone else and really focus on yourself and your strengths. Deliver honesty about your products and services, be open and positive about working relationships (inside and outside the organisation) and seek out and deliver an ethical style.

G is for Goals – realistic goals are set and agreed but with the added element of using goals with a strong innovation content, use goals that recognise the trust and involvement of the staff.

I is for Innovation and Improvement – having a positive reaction to change and designing systems that welcome innovation. The trick here is to make innovation and improvement everyday issues and part of “business as usual”.

L is for Listening and Learning – really taking onboard what your staff and customers are saying and positively adapting to the reality of your current situation. Mistakes are to be expected and are good in that they bring new perspectives.

E is for Effectiveness and Efficiency – are we delivering exactly, not nearly, what our customers want and are we doing this with as few resources as possible?

Nothing too radical in all of this, just things we should be asking of ourselves all of the time.

Shouldn’t we?

Good Luck!

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