Why Leaders Need To Show Patience

Why Leaders Need To Show Patience

If only, as a leader, you had more time to think about things, really think about them.

Leading takes skill and patience, especially when big decisions need to be made well and when crises arrive. Staff will look to you to show composure at times of extreme adversity, frustration and uncertainty when they themselves are not capable of keeping calm. Getting irritated and annoyed with those who report into you will not help the situation and solutions to big challenges take time to put into action to deliver the outcomes that you need – so patience is an essential leadership trait that you MUST master!

Showing patience allows your staff to develop creative solutions and working collaboratively, rather than them just rushing around, showing signs of stress and delivering an inferior outcome to the issue.

The quick fix is no more than a distant dream!

Growing and developing your patience as a leader can be achieved by doing the following:

Recognise when things are testing you: think ahead about the impending issue that will be a real challenge and be mindful of the impact it is likely to have on you as an individual. If you are prepared you can plan out your thinking in a calm and measured way.

Be methodical: challenges create pressure so it is essential to show patience in terms of planning and executing the task, especially when time is critical and there is only one chance to get things right. A slow and smooth pace reduces mistakes and the need to re-work activities. This is all about not looking at the physical speed of completing a task but very much more about the strategic speed in reducing the time it takes to deliver value.

Show gratitude for the support of your team: this will ensure that you get the best from them and that in turn delivers an air of patience and support, critically important in high stress situations.

Always bear in mind that effective leadership hinges on a range of interconnected soft skills, where patience sits squarely in the middle.

Good Luck!

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