How To Delegate Better

How To Delegate Better

Why, as a manager, should you do it all?

Surely you are not in the position where you can do all parts of your job comfortably within the hours you are supposed to work?

If that is the case then you are very likely to be removed from your job as an expensive luxury!

How are you going to develop your skills and knowledge if you are not finding time to uncover what your manager does or what the next step in the promotion ladder looks like in terms of key competences?

The key to finding time to prepare yourself for the next step and to invest time and effort in your continuing professional development is to delegate tasks to your staff whenever possible – however, managers refuse to do this by focusing on the five “blockers to delegation” outlined below:

I can do it better myself: a very weak reason for not delegating. Following this line of thought means that you will be stuck in a rut doing your tasks forever. Make sure your staff can do the task even better than you can.

Time –takes too long to explain: invest the time in explaining the task in as few simple steps as possible so that the job gets done. It may well hoover up some of your time but think of this as an investment in the time you can then spend doing more important work.

Accountability – I’m accountable if it goes wrong: correct, and if you are accountable if it goes wrong then you have not explained the task well enough. You cannot get rid of accountability BUT you can manage it so that you have time to do your own work

Skills gap – my staff don’t have the skills to do it: staff want responsibility and will accept training because, like you, the majority of them want to progress and develop their skills and experience. Investment in training delivers organisational excellence, simple as.

Authority threat – delegation reduces my own authority: why would you hang onto your authority if it holds you back from gaining more authority from the next position? Authority comes in many forms, often the most potent authority comes from giving your staff the authority to do work that expands their job role and gives them development opportunities.

Delegate well and get on with your career!

Good Luck!

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