Why Managers Need Feedback

Why Managers Need Feedback

We should all be looking for, and using, feedback continually to develop and refine our skills as managers and individuals, yet we all have our own perceptions about this process and rarely have a totally positive approach to receiving, and then using, the information we have been given.

Too many managers do not respond carefully to ideas and feedback which means their organisational culture is being damaged and opportunities for growth and development are being lost. How managers accept and respond to feedback will either boost or effectively crush your corporate culture: respecting the person giving the feedback is essential here and will build momentum, generate new ideas and ultimately contribute positively to the bottom line.

Managing and dealing with feedback inappropriately brings about three leadership failures.

  1. Apathy: ideas and feedback that could be a challenge or a threat to the competence of the manager are ignored, therefore killing any fresh ideas or innovation.
  2. Avoidance: receiving feedback that is uncomfortable or not what we want to hear, especially if we recognise this as accurate! This is the uncomfortable reality of a manager’s life but to ignore and avoid facts that are true is denying the truth.
  3. Dismissing new, “out of the box” ideas: new thinking brings new opportunity! Some new ideas will not work, but some will bring new benefits, save money and entice new customers. Managers need to be receptive to them when they are presented so that the organisation grows and develops. Continually ignoring such feedback and input means that the innovators in the organization will withdraw and then leave, cutting off their ideas and approaches to the detriment of the business.

Moving forward, however difficult it might appear to be, respond positively to feedback – it is gold dust in terms of a fresh perspective and will give you critically important information on how things are going, but above all show your gratitude!

Good Luck!

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