Where Project Management Training Has The Biggest Impact

Where Project Management Training Has The Biggest Impact

If your organisation is investing in project management, often at considerable expense in time, money and effort, you will want to see some very positive change and improvement for that outlay.

Evidence shows that the following areas need to be in your mind regarding the benefits you would expect to see with some typical percentage improvements in performance:

  • Stakeholder satisfaction – 29%
  • Scheduling of performance – 27%
  • Project failures – 26%
  • Quality – 25%
  • Budget performance – 25%
  • Meeting customer requirements – 25%
  • Productivity – 24%
  • Time (speed) to market – 24%

If you are not seeing such improvements within an acceptable time period it is likely that your project Terms Of Reference were incorrectly set.

Good Luck!

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