Secrets Of Leadership – 8 Critical Leadership Roles

Secrets Of Leadership – 8 Critical Leadership Roles

  1. The strategist: leadership as a game of chess. Good at dealing with developments in the organisational environment, giving vision, strategic direction and outside-the-box thinking to create new developments.
  2. The change-catalyst: leadership as a turnaround activity. Good with challenging and difficult situations, focusing upon re-engineering and creating new organisational structures and processes.
  3. The negotiator: leadership as deal making. Good at contract discussions and skilled at identifying and tackling new opportunities.
  4. The builder: leadership as an entrepreneurial activity. Good at creating something new and have the talent and determination to realise that vision and way forward.
  5. The innovator: leadership as creative idea generation. Good at identifying what anew approach might bring with it and being able to solve very complex problems.
  6. The processor: leadership as an exercise in efficiency. Good at making systems and processes run as smoothly as possible in meeting the objectives of the organisation.
  7. The coach: leadership as a form of people development. Good at getting the best from their staff and delivering a high-performance culture.
  8. The communicator: leadership as stage management. Good at influencing others both inside and outside the organisation.

Having leaders within the organisation with a blend of the Roles above will significantly increase the chances of organisational success – similarly on a personal level, fine-tuning your skills aligned to the Roles will also help further your career and personal development.

Good Luck!

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