How To Ask Excellent Interview Questions

How To Ask Excellent Interview Questions

Having sifted out the applicant that might be suited to your vacancy, the pressure is on to use the Interview as the real test of that person’s ability and aptitude.

What a pity then that very often the interview fails to discover what the candidate is all about and the things that make them a potentially excellent fit into the culture of your organisation.

Perhaps asking the following questions will unlock some of this and really give an insight into what they are all about:

  • Who they are
  • What skills they have – sales/marketing/product/service
  • What problems they have solved for their current/previous employers
  • Why they do the things they do
  • What makes them tick
  • Their failures and successes
  • Their childhood
  • Future aspirations
  • Where they see themselves in 1,3,5 and 10 years time
  • What success means to them
  • How they measure that success
  • Their worst day
  • Their proudest moment
  • Their greatest fears
  • And anything else the above questions brings to light!

Asking questions away from a script unearths far more then you could ever imagine!

Good Luck!

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