Marketing Skills For The Entrepreneur – The Four “Is”

Marketing Skills For The Entrepreneur – The Four “Is”

Entrepreneurs are at the very heart of their businesses, driving forward with a passion that is not normally seen from managers who are embedded in the warmth of an established organisation.

With such a dynamic and fast-paced working environment, the traditional ideas around marketing rapidly become irrelevant, and a new approach comes from this experience.

Successful entrepreneurial marketing is a cycle which begins with innovation and feeds all the way through to revisiting the original innovation to make further, market-focused changes.

The process involves 4 stages:

  1. Innovation: making incremental adjustments to products and services to better fit into what the market is demanding.
  2. Identification of target markets: being clear about who the customer is and what they are looking for from a product or service.
  3. Interactive marketing methods: using whatever channels are necessary to get the sales message out to the relevant audience, something that the entrepreneur will constantly modify for maximum impact.
  4. Informal information gathering using all available personal and professional networks to monitor the marketplace and evaluate new opportunities coming on the horizon.

Inevitably Information gathering leads onto more Innovation, which begins the cycle again.

Good Luck!

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