How To Manage The Performance Of A Failing Employee

How To Manage The Performance Of A Failing Employee

Dealing with the human capital of the organisation, the individual member of staff who is slotted into the team that they have not chosen to join, is the biggest challenge that a manager will ever face because their failure or poor behaviour is your failure!

The skill here lies in sorting out and resolving performance issues so that the individual become an integral, and important part of the activity they are assigned to.

Clear, effective and rational judgement, combined with your intuition, is essential here and goes outside the contents of any glossy, well-structured HR Manual – it is about asking yourself key questions around the individual’s performance and approach to work.

Suppose that your employee has been insubordinate deliberately and frequently, has created a toxic atmosphere, and has challenged the ways of working that you have established, then the challenge is all about trying to change or fix their performance.

Key questions to ask yourself here are:

  1. Does the employee show remorse for poor performance?
  2. Are they receptive to you trying to change their behaviour through coaching and training?
  3. Are they making the changes you have designed quickly enough?
  4. Can you see positive improvement and results that prove progress is being made?

On the other side of the equation, getting rid of an employee is justified when:

  1. The employee shows lack of concern for mistakes or poor performance.
  2. They resist or resent feedback and suggestions
  3. Any change in behaviour or approach is mere lip service and performance improvements are just small tokens of effort.
  4. You are having to conduct the same conversations around performance.

Dealing with a challenging employee needs courage but never act when angry as this is not considering the potential consequences that your organisation will have to face.

Good Luck!

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