What Makes A Manager Successful?

What Makes A Manager Successful?

There are lots of things you can do, or try to do, in the management role to be a success and to be recognised as someone staff admire and look up to.

The problem is that the list of tasks to accomplish this can be long and daunting – time to simplify the process and restore some order to the problem.

The following three Guiding Principles should always be uppermost in your thoughts and actions:

  1. Ownership: the job is yours, the responsibility is yours, so you will stand or fall by your own actions and decisions. Own what it is you do and be prepared to stand up for what you believe in and to justify your actions, because nobody else will do that for you. Be positive about your style, your staff and your targets as nobody else will.
  2. Communication: managers need to get this right because there are no short cuts available and rarely any opportunity to put right poor communication. Think carefully about what the message is, who it is for, how the message might be received and what could go wrong and only then send the message out. Always make sure that you get feedback and that you are confident the intended message was the one that was received.
  3. Action: do what you need to do! The job is all about making a clear contribution to the bottom line, keeping customers more than happy and motivating your staff to develop themselves to contribute progressively more to the organisation. Failing managers always talk a good job but never actually make anything positive happen, so make sure this does not apply to you.

Keep the Guiding Principles at the front of your mind in everything you do.

Good Luck!

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