What Does Poisonous Management Look Like And How Do You Deal With It?

What Does Poisonous Management Look Like And How Do You Deal With It?

A poisonous and toxic manager will show the following traits:

  • Quickly moving from calmness to frustration
  • Micro-managing staff
  • Lacking emotional intelligence
  • No control over moods
  • Behaves in an anti-social way
  • Has no interest in developing staff
  • Has no vision in terms of the direction of their function or the wider organisation
  • Is permanently insecure

This makes for a destructive and uncomfortable working environment which has a damaging impact upon everyone involved.

To deal with the situation, and to work towards a solution, the following steps are necessary:

  • Be aware of conflict and avoid being drawn into it. Be very rational about taking this route and be clear on what you need to say, being able to justify your points objectively
  • Fully investigate the situation – is what you are feeling happening and can you give examples of inappropriate behaviour?
  • Let all involved have their say and make their point – leave nobody out and get all issues out into the open
  • Identify the options available and agree jointly on the best way forward
  • Document what has been agreed – this is important in reassuring all involved and it gives a point of reference if behaviours do not change
  • Implement what has been agreed
  • Evaluate how things are going and be prepared to identify ongoing strategies to reduce the likelihood of the poisonous and toxic atmosphere returning

Managing conflict and dealing with emotional outbursts can be very stressful but, if not handled well, can result in poor performance, increased illness and absenteeism and high staff turnover.

Good Luck!

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