8 Key Soft Skills Every Manager Needs

8 Key Soft Skills Every Manager Needs

Self-assess yourself against the following 8 skills that successful managers and leaders practice every day;

  1. Teach: train, develop and show your staff all that you know so that when the opportunity comes along, they have the skills and knowledge to get them onto the next rung in their career path.
  2. Inspire: be the leader that encourages their staff to push themselves and develop their skills into the next job, the next opportunity and the next challenge.
  3. Set Goals: think about and then plan out your Goals in terms of the stages needed to achieve them and clear and evaluative measures that tell you that you have achieved them.
  4. Motivate: encourage those around you to push themselves to increasingly challenging and stretching targets. Include yourself in this process!
  5. Lead by example: setting the tone and the way in which you deliver your work is an important self-discipline, but this also has a major impact upon your staff and colleagues. Ask yourself how you would like to be remembered if you left the organisation and be honest in your answer: if it is not quite what you wanted to hear, think about how you should change this!
  6. Mentor: recognise skill and ability in those around you and work to develop and enhance those abilities. Similarly, those staff who need support also require mentoring so be giving of your time and enthusiasm.
  7. Teamwork: effective and efficient managers know that the secret of success lies in using the power of the team to achieve targets while making sure that teams, and individuals, are developed and encouraged to raise their standards and to achieve more.
  8. Vision: be clear on what your personal Vision is and stick to that. Similarly, communicate your Vision to your staff so that they understand the direction of travel and what is expected of them.

Review yourself about the 8 Skills above on a regular, and systematic, basis.

Good Luck!

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