Who Sees The Problems In Your Workplace?

Who Sees The Problems In Your Workplace?

All organisations have problems, of differing size and impact, but even in the most successful there are simmering areas of discontent and friction.

Management would always want to ignore problems, especially if they do not (currently) have a negative impact on performance and they are not (currently) hovering up time, resources and not putting our customers at risk.

So, where are the problems in the organisation and, most importantly, who sees them?

  • Senior Management: see only around 4% of the problems faced by the organisation as they only really focus upon strategy.
  • Middle Management: see only around 9% of the problems faced by the organisation as their attention is drawn to operational matters, getting the goods and services to their customers.
  • Team Leaders: see a massive 74% of the problems faced by the organisation as they deal with the tactical, day-to-day operational issues of organising staff, sourcing and managing resources and often having regular and meaningful contact with customers and understanding their needs.
  • Staff: see all of the problems that directly impact upon performance and quality.

Why is it that the group who see all of the problems, and who probably have a lot of the answers, are seldom involved in a meaningful way, in shaping what the organisation does and how it can be improved?

You could make this vital change in the way your organisation deals with problems, and really make your presence felt.

Good Luck!

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