The Manager’s View – Open Or Closed Mindset?

The Manager’s View – Open Or Closed Mindset?

The managerial job is something that can rarely be predicted – one day may start out like any other but can quickly take on a life and energy of its own, taking you in directions that you had not considered and offering you learning opportunities that you have not experienced.

What separates out successful managers, from the crowd of less-successful managers, is that person’s ability to frame what is going on, and to use the experience, to better their skills. This is down to the Mindset that you have, which involves a stark choice between an Open or Closed Mindset.

The Open Management Mindset is welcoming of challenge and being taken away from the routine of the role, into areas where the focus is very much on “I can do this”, supported by a positive and enquiring approach to new issues and problems. This has the bonus of seeing that staff have faith in what you are working towards, which in turn increases morale, motivation and effort to achieve and deliver.

The Closed Management Mindset has a fixed and often blinkered view of the world, which is held back by immovable perceptions and rigid reflection upon past experiences and examples of decisions made, often in entirely different scenarios to the current position. This leads to a very narrow approach where the perception that there is no chance to change, develop or improve becomes the reality of the situation. The impact upon staff is very predictable here, leading to paralysis of action, low morale, low motivation and an acceptance of things how they are right now, with no real view of how things might be made better.

This translates to team performance in every way: high performing teams are led by leaders with an Open Management Mindset, where nobody in those teams are satisfied with the status quo and who are all looking to improve, to do things better, faster and more effectively.

Always keep an Open Management Mindset, however difficult that might be and resist the temptation, especially when times are challenging, to revert into the safety of the Closed Management Mindset.

Good Luck!

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