How To Keep Your Customers

How To Keep Your Customers

The customer is progressively getting more demanding while markets are becoming more and more crowded and competitive. This is the perfect storm that all organisations are facing, and which ultimately separates out the strong from the weak.

The Internet has killed hype and all your customers are saying things about you, your organisation, products and services out there in the open. Inevitably this means things that are good, bad and just plain ugly about what you do.

The only way to combat this and get ahead of your competition is to focus on the quality of your products and services so that your customers will tweet, post and focus upon your successes for you.

To achieve this, three things are required:

  1. Get Clarity – what are the 3 key things that you want customers to say about you?
  2. Get Focused – what are the 3 key things that you must do right, every time, with every customer?
  3. Deliver both above with consistency and excellence.

No organisation can be average and survive!

Nobody cares what you say about your business – they only care about what your customers say about you.

Good Luck!

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