How To Be Distinctive In A Crowded Market

How To Be Distinctive In A Crowded Market

In a crowded market, where competition is fierce and the difference between what you offer and what the competition offers is small. The only way to survive and grow is to be distinctive, to stand out from the crowd and to deliver advantage.

This is no small task and requires considerable steel and determination – the following pointers should set you on that road and give your strategy some traction.

  • Clarity: being clear about your market and the advantages you bring to that area, where your price sits and the quality you offer compared to others. This is all about creating distinction and becoming a market leader as this is the only way to get to grips with fierce competition.
  • Creativity: what exactly are you doing that is unique and different from what your competition is doing? If the answer is nothing, then you have only a limited time to find this and turn the situation around.
  • Communication: this is NOT about providing information or glossy brochures, but it IS about providing INSIGHT. Why exactly should customers come to you and what are you delivering that is different, solves the customer’s pain and delivers quality?
  • Customer experience focus: what does it really feel like to be one of your customers? Is the experience of buying from you good enough to deliver repeat and referral business? If the answer is NO then it is time to make sure that things are turned around so that the answer become a firm Yes!

If history has taught us anything it shows that you cannot be just average and hope to survive in a challenging and changing market.

To be a success you must create distinction.

Good Luck!

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