Essential Management Skills Needed For Success

Essential Management Skills Needed For Success

Every successful manager has developed skills in the following critical performance areas of their managerial style.

All the skills below are inter-related and link together to allow you to deliver challenging performance outcomes, clear strategic and operational judgements and to develop and maintain high performing teams.

Assess where you currently sit against all of them and then use this to create your own Action Plan.

  1. Perceptiveness: the ability to interpret, with clinical precision, exactly what is going on around you. This is a measure of how non-gullible you are and gives you the ability to identify defects and problems in operation systems, however these might be defined. Manager with strong perceptiveness skills are very comfortable with analytical approaches to issues and problems, rather than relying on assumption and conventional wisdom.
  2. Detachment: the ability to see things other than from just a personal point of view. Being able to be dispassionate and uninvolved in often sensitive and human-related issues means acting in an unbiased way which is not clouded by self-interest and which also puts the interests of the team ahead of your own views.
  3. Wisdom: the ability to use your knowledge to predict what is most likely to happen next in any given scenario. The ability to generalise from situation to situation based on the similarities between them, this is critically important when making decisions by evaluating the different possible scenarios that might emerge.
  4. Fairness: the ability to use moral rules to assess the rightness or wrongness of a given scenario. This leads to better quality decisions being made and the use of team opinions when solving problems.
  5. Ingeniousness: the ability to generate novel solutions to problems. This contributes significantly to creativity and the design of systems and procedures.
  6. Persistence: the ability to settle for nothing less than the best. It is the ability to continue thinking about your problems for as long as is necessary, rather than being hurried and just accepting the first solution that comes along and hoping for the best! Persistence contributes to creativity and design by overcoming the tired and conventional ways of doing things.
  7. Organisational flair: the ability to do the right things in the right order and with the minimum of unproductive time. This means keeping people genuinely busy and not just going through the motions. Organisational flair should always seek to maximise available resources.

All the above skills have a direct impact upon how you deal with defect management, creativity and design, decision making, project management and team management.

Assess where you currently sit and set out how to develop your skills moving forward., making sure that you continually refine and sharpen your approach.

Good Luck!

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