The Three BIG Leadership Principles You Need To Know Right Now

The Three BIG Leadership Principles You Need To Know Right Now

Leadership is a living and breathing beast: you need to think about how you lead and what this means for those around you.

Do not be fooled: this applies to every leader in every organisation, regardless of the size of your operation, the numbers on your balance sheet and the range of staff that you are responsible for.

Right now, these are the Big three Leadership principles that are shaping how YOU lead:

  1. Your followers expect involvement with and connection to their leaders; being remote and aloof just does not cut the mustard anymore, you must give them something of yourself to get a working connection.
  2. There is an absence of a common set of values: the days where leadership was a kind of computer programme where you could have a clear path to get results has gone. Success depends upon fine tuning your values and making these public to suit you and the situation you are in.
  3. The complexity of a 24-7 operation running in a global context: localism has gone and belongs in the Stone Age. We all operate in markets we cannot physically visit with customers we never actually meet, requiring a broad range of skills and actively seeing change as a positive driver.

Leaders must be more intentional and creative about fulfilling their responsibilities, at a time when the increased knowledge and capability of the workforce is challenging the traditional view of the follower/team member.

Make sure you continually refine and sharpen your approach to meet the ever changing dynamics of the operating environment.

Good Luck!

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