How Leaders Can Increase Their Impact And Influence

How Leaders Can Increase Their Impact And Influence

We can all get better at what we do, however well we think we are doing and whatever others tell us about our performance.

The reality of it is that just as customers become more demanding and discerning, the job we do makes greater challenges and creates more problems that we either want or expect.

The following suggestions should be used to sharpen what you do, how you do it and lead you to greater self-awareness about who you are and how you impact upon others:

  • Does your CV really highlight what you do? Forget the jazzy job title, what is it that you do and what do you deliver on?
  • What is your personal brand? Write this down as a statement in no more than 250 words (and not less that 50 words!). keep this with you and review it every 3 months.
  • Write down the findings of your own 360-degree appraisal, not the one the organisation may have produced for you. Ask others what evaluative words they would use to describe your own personal brand. What do they see as your successes and skills and what are your failures and areas of improvement that are needed?
  • Thinking of issues that come across your line of sight, what things flash up and get your attention? What influences you? How effective and efficient are your own personal networks? Who do you listen to? What communities are you a member of? How might you widen your area of influence and what results are you looking for from that?
  • Look for an experience or set of circumstances where you are an outsider – what learning points can you gather from the experience and how might that impact on your communication style?
  • Look for an opportunity to take on a problem that is not your own within your organisation. Before getting stuck into the task, see if you can build a coalition to tackle the issue.
  • Identify who the critically important stakeholders are in the organisation and establish how you can work with them.

Good Luck!

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