What Is Personal Empowerment?

What Is Personal Empowerment?

Being empowered is vital to the motivation, success and mental well-being of us all, regardless of who we are.

Personal empowerment should involve the following:

  • To have abilities that are recognised as such
  • To be competent in the job role
  • To be effective in the job role
  • To succeed in the targets and objectives that have been
  • To have self-esteem
  • To have stability and certainty in the job
  • To have self-fulfilment
  • To recognise your own achievements within the job
  • To be able to influence those around you
  • To have potential
  • To have control over the resources you need to be a success
  • To be creative
  • To have optimism in what you are doing and in what is going on
  • To have self-direction
  • To set goals
  • To have choices
  • To have quality of life

Only you are responsible for your empowerment – if there are items on the above list that currently do not apply to you, or where you know there can be improvements, then you MUST work to develop them, starting immediately.

Good Luck!

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