How Managers Can Prevent Envy Damage In The Workplace

How Managers Can Prevent Envy Damage In The Workplace

Workplace envy can be a huge barrier to strategic and operational success because it sits at every level within the organisation. Any barrier to success needs to be removed at source and it is the direct responsibility of managers to design working systems and practices that eliminate this cause of reduced effectiveness and efficiency.

Envy damage can be reduced by the following actions:

  1. Staff selection procedures

Staff selection should be geared towards looking for emotionally mature candidates and those who show positive interpersonal traits at the interview stage. This also being crystal clear about the skills and competency requirements of the job and running a uniform and highly structured interview process so that direct comparisons between candidates can be performed.

  1. Cleaning a Toxic Environment

A working system that is showing signs of sickness or toxicity encourages conflict and excessively competitive relationships so this needs to be replaced by one that creates an environment where organisational welfare and social responsibility become the norm. There is a temptation by managers to ignore such warning signs and to maintain the status quo but this inevitably leads to bad situation getting worse.

Managers should run regular individual meetings with staff to discuss problems and establish the causes of envy on a logical basis so that staff can comfortably declare their own areas of concern and inferiority so that creative solutions can be found. This may well require some carefully planned coaching on key development areas.

  1. Guidance for employees

This involves seeing the failures of staff as purely temporary and using envy carefully to spur employees on to further and better performance. This then encourages self-reflection and directly addressesthe causes of workplace envy.

Work on addressing workplace envy is never energy wasted but sadly a necessary part of the successful manager’s job role.

Good Luck!

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