Am I Using My Power Well?

Am I Using My Power Well?

As a Leader you will be using and calling upon a variety of powers in any given situation. This is all about balancing these out for each situation and then systematically developing them so that your skills base becomes fuller and more adaptable for new, challenging situations.

What is needed, and what few leaders systematically do, is to self-assess where they are and set out as a conscious plan, how to improve.

Where are you in relation to the following power bases?

  1. The power of position: do you use the power of your job well and is this effectively contributing to your success?
  2. The power of personality: your strength of character, impact, the energy that you generate around you and who you are as a person.
  3. The power of ideas: the quality and range of initiatives and new approaches that you generate. Just how creative are you? Or are you just treading water?
  4. The power of intellect: what is your analytical ability like? How good are you at grasping the facts and putting them into order?
  5. The power to communicate: can you systematically get your message across in a way that resonates for people, both individually and in groups/teams?
  6. The power to connect: using connections and overlaps to make things work. How good are your own networking skills?
  7. The power to invest: how good are you at making money talk for you? Are you good at recognising likely investments in potentially new and successful ways of doing things?
  8. The power to reward: the ability to reward people either financially or through recognition.
  9. The power to remove people: can you practically and justifiably remove people from situations that are not working?

Having these powers is an essential part of your toolkit – using them in the appropriate situations and circumstances, and with differing levels of emphasis, can only come from both experience and fully self-assessing your skill levels.

Good Luck!

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