How To Identify BAD Management

How To Identify BAD Management

Bad management is, sadly, all around us: the indicators of bad, weak or ineffective will vary from workplace to workplace, but the following will almost certainly be there.

Avoid falling into the following traps at all costs:

  • Fails to communicate clear expectations
  • Has favourites and uses them all the time
  • Pays no attention to the personal needs of employees
  • Badmouths others on a regular basis
  • Ignores and does not seek out feedback
  • Has to prove themselves at any cost
  • Lacks self-awareness
  • Betrays the trust of others
  • Fails to listen to anything other than their inner voice
  • Puts own needs in front of the needs of anyone else, regardless of position or power
  • Has very limited verbal communication skills
  • Intimidates others when there is no need to do so
  • Is impatient and abrasive
  • Fails to recognise the value and inputs of others
  • Is reactive
  • Fails to deliver on what they promise to do
  • Is easily threatened

Work consistently to make sure that YOU do not show any of the above in the way in which you manage.

Good Luck!

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