How To Overcome Frustrations

How To Overcome Frustrations

Becoming frustrated is an everyday part of life, regardless of this being in the workplace or in any other situation.

How you manage frustration is a key factor in your own success, so having a system that you can fall back upon and use to get out of a potentially negative situation is essential.

Experience shows that the following 6 steps are a great way to achieve this:

  1. Get a good quality understanding why things are not going well – why are things not going your way?
  2. Being honest, could your attitude, approach or behaviour be a root cause of the problem?
  3. Revise and reframe your perspectives by thinking in a different way about the problem or issue – have you missed anything?
  4. Focus upon the opportunities that are within the problem – does this give you some leverage to make some lasting changes?
  5. Expand your perceptions and gather relevant and current information that allows you to see the bigger, and wider, picture
  6. Control your emotions – make sure that you keep control and calm in the face of any difficulties moving forward.

Above all else manage yourself in a calm and professional manner, however difficult the situation.

Good Luck!

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