How To Manage Workplace Disillusionment And Anger

How To Manage Workplace Disillusionment And Anger

All workplaces, however harmonious they appear, contain a relatively high number of employees who are disillusioned or angry at what they see as real, hurtful and relevant issues of serious dissatisfaction with their lot. In this group can be those who are victims of life itself, some who feel hard-done to by the organisation itself (favourite amongst which is the feeling they have been denied promotions) and others feeling that they have been or currently are being overworked to excess.

Whatever the facts and reality, workplace disillusionment and anger is an important factor in all organisations, coupled with the fact that the pace and impact of change is continuing at pace. In the real-world adults need to act like adults to combat these forces and to maintain and improve their levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

This is not an easy set of tasks but something that must be managed if your career and progression is to be achieved.

If you feel disillusioned or angry the following pointers should be borne in mind ad used to develop your own, individual way of dealing with the challenge:

  • Understandingthe reality of the situation

Change upsets the current ways of working and the practical systems that offer some certainty. Change, strategic, operational or tactical, is often the root cause of serious levels of disillusionment, fear and anger in the workplace. You need to be open to what change can bring in terms of positives and benefits, not the temporary difficulties that it will represent. Seek support for this if you need it – and offer support to others around you that need it also.

  • Alter your Attitude

We can, and do, consciously choose to alter and shape our attitude to situations and people. Being miserable or happy at work is a choice that we make every day and this has a direct impact upon your team and the wider organisation. A low or under-performing team get their dynamics to a large extent from the management style of the person running that team so always he aware that whilst the success of the team is also your success, their failure is intimately linked back to how you manage yourself, your mindset and your approach to your work.

Taking this further is it true to say that your managers are comfortable and able, willing even, to challenge someone for bringing misery to the workplace? Perhaps they themselves have failed to see the importance of this principle?

  • Removing inherently negative people

Are you reshaping the team on a regular basis to keep things fresh and to remove those amongst you who have little to offer or who continually flatten what might otherwise be a positive atmosphere? A team member who is a victim will always spread a victim mindset to their peers or anyone who will listen! To put things bluntly, Interestingly, we tend to recruit for skills but dismiss for attitude. The question though is: are you dismissing often enough?

  • Recognising your responsibilities as a manager

There is a big temptation to put a lot of energy into helping a team member who is disillusioned or angry, often at the expense of putting your focus onto the wider team itself. Many managers are torn between the two and can effectively fail to put in a clear focus on either. Your positive focus needs to be on what is best for the organisation and what it is trying to achieve, be it profit, service standards or customer satisfaction. While they are important to you, your focus should always be on what the organisation stands for – the employeesare not the top priority.

  • Communication

Being clear about the message content is only half of the problem – disillusionment and anger are created by the method used just as much as the impact of a message that nobody wants to receive, especially if the situation around us appears to lack logic, clarity or vision. Here rumour mongering and grumbling often cause untold damage. It is essential to consider and plan all important communications to ensure that as little damage is created as possible.

Good Luck!

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