Using Self-Reflection To Make You A More Effective Leader

Using Self-Reflection To Make You A More Effective Leader

The management job has never been easy and continually gets harder and more challenging: a key tool in dealing with the rigours of the day is to reflect upon what has happened, the outcomes generated and your own contribution to those results.

Put simply this can be done by having a focus on the following three areas:

1. Know your Priorities and your limitations: you only have two real tasks,and these are to prioritise what must be done and to allocate resources to get those things done effectively and efficiently. How did this work out today and what learning points emerge from this? After priorities have been defined, it is vital that action should follow.
2. Minimise Surprises: this can generally be achieved by careful and diligent forecasting and planning, almost to the point of obsession, accounting for as many scenarios as possible. Being prepared has the added value of reducing anxiety about the possibility of things going wrong and thinking about the worst possible outcomes that a crisis would generate.
3. Build and continually develop stronger teams: encourage your teams to practice simple, but effective, reflective practice as part of their normal routine. A high-performing team should do this as a standard process, thereby having its priorities right and being ready to deal with any surprises that come along.

Good Luck!

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