How To Pick Yourself Up

How To Pick Yourself Up

We all struggle and experience failure, something that touches us all. Even the most (seemingly) successful members of society struggle with failure and bad times.

Some of us might struggle more than others and have to work harder than others.

The trick is having some strategies to use when you need to pick yourself up.

  1. Find someone who will listen to you: sharing your feelings with someone that you can trust is an essential safety valve for you to let off pressure.
  2. Recognise your successes: we lose perspective when we are stressed and it is essential to take a step back and see that there are things that we are good at, it is just that these are seemingly lost in a sea of doubt and low mood.
  3. It is a marathon, not a sprint: make progress with very small steps but consistently.
  4. Ignore your inner critical voice: not everything you hear from your inner critic is helpful or true, so stop beating yourself up with inner doubt. Nobody is perfect! Shift your focus onto your successes.
  5. Ignore unhelpful or unhealthy external messages: the world is full of negativity so consciously work to focus on the positive messages both from within yourself and from a selective view of the external world.
  6. Recognise and act upon your limitations: we are all imperfect and capable of improving. Know what you can improve about yourself and also know what you are unable to improve about yourself and accept this with good grace. There is nothing to be gained from chasing a version of yourself that you will never achieve.
  7. We all fail from time to time: when this happens pick yourself up and start again.

Good Luck!

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