A Leadership Self Review Checklist – How are YOU Doing?

A Leadership Self Review Checklist – How are YOU Doing?

To get an unbiased assessment of your leadership style, answer the following questions in an honest and truthful manner.

  1. Does what I do provide meaning and purpose for the staff under my control?
  2. Am I focusing on the right things to do and not things that are irrelevant or side-issues?
  3. Am I setting up the operational environment correctly, so that staff understand what they are doing and that we all contribute to the organisation’s objectives?
  4. Am I getting other people to do what I want?
  5. Am I motivating my staff so that they get things done willingly?
  6. Do I enable staff to take responsibility?
  7. Do I empower others to do what they think is right?
  8. Do I lead in such a way that people are less fearful and more confident in whatthey are doing?
  9. Am I developing, sustaining and changing the culture?
  10. Am I really contributing to increasing market share and delivering the best products and services on the market?

Difficult questions but very important questions – your performance really does depend upon how many of the above you can answer with confidence and what evidence you could supply to justify your responses.

Answer the questions and think about where you could improve further!

Good Luck!

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