What Is Stopping Me From Getting My Staff To Do More?

What Is Stopping Me From Getting My Staff To Do More?

There are serious questions to be asked about how you are using your managerial time and expertise if you are in the situation where you are snowed under with work.

This is made when your staff do not have enough to do and are getting bored by a lack of challenge and a lack of volume of work to deal with.

So, what is stopping you from giving yourself that breathing space and making yourself more effective and efficient?

The answer lies in your Delegation style and specifically your reluctance to use this important tool. I am guessing that this is down to several factors which many managers use to justify being too busy!

These are:

  • Ego – I can do it better myself. Possibly true, but no real excuse because your staff can probably do the task just as well as you can!
  • Time – it takes too long to explain. This is, however, time well spent if the job is no longer sat on your shoulders.
  • Accountability – I am accountable if it goes wrong. True, but again if the task is explained well then you are still accountable but someone else is doing the task, freeing you up to do something else.
  • Skills Gaps – My staff do not possess the technical skills. So, get them the training they need.
  • Authority Threat – Delegation reduces my own authority. You still have the authority that your role brings with it, plus your staff can develop their skills and experience.

Always delegate as much as you reasonably can so that you can deal with the tasks that are delegated to you from higher up in the organization.

Good Luck!

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