How Can The Cowboy Code Help Managers Today?

How Can The Cowboy Code Help Managers Today?

The Cowboy Code was a set of rules or principles used by Gene Autrey in numerous 1950’s western films in the United States – these have a very strong resonance for effective leaders and managers even today.

Consider what they are and then apply them to your own style and performance – are there things that you can use or adopt here?

  1. A cowboy never takes unfair advantage – even of an enemy.
  2. A cowboy never goes back on his word or betrays a trust.
  3. A cowboy always tells the truth.
  4. A cowboy is kind and gentle with children, the elderly and animals.
  5. A cowboy is free from racial or religious prejudice.
  6. A cowboy is always helpful and lends a hand when anyone is in trouble.
  7. A cowboy is a good worker.
  8. A cowboy stays clean in thought, speech, action and personal habits.
  9. A cowboy respects womanhood, parents and the laws of his nation.
  10. A cowboy is a patriot to his nation.

The Code is well-written and has meaning going down the years and will give a clear path towards leadership and management excellence.

Following the Code will be able to respond to the reality of change and crisis, the need for empowerment, collaboration, diversity and working not just for yourself but for a higher purpose.

Good Luck!

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