Why Sales Presentations Fail

Why Sales Presentations Fail

Making the best and most positive impression is essential if you are to make that sale!

Things to avoid, at all costs, and which are guaranteed to NOT get you the sale are as follows:

  1. Overtalking: allow the prospect to get a word in edgeways. Nobody likes being steamrollered into an agreement, let them speak and use this to sharpen your pitch.
  2. Interrupting: let them speak! Use what the prospect is saying to your advantage to pick up clues about resistance and acceptance of the thing you are selling.
  3. Appearance: pay very good attention to what you are wearing and how you are wearing it! Nobody will buy from someone who looks a mess and they will associate your image with what you are trying to sell.
  4. Not listening: failing to hear what the prospect is saying, or not saying. This shows poor attention to the interaction and the detail contained within it.
  5. Bad manners: personal habits that have no place in any kind of business meeting (think scratching, sniffing, coughing as basic examples!).
  6. Untidiness: having buttons missing from your shirt or blouse, from your suit jacket and dirty shoes will stick in the memory of the people that you meet – but not a good memory!
  7. Gawking: looking around the prospect’s room or office, checking out what is on their desk, while talking shows indifference to the prospect and is highly disrespectful.
  8. Being disorganised: being late, not even turning up are totally unacceptable. Also, when delivering your pitch this needs to be as slick and polished as possible – a poorly prepared and executed presentation will never win any orders.
  9. Insincerity: false or too much flattery is annoying and will detract the prospect’s attention away from what you are trying to sell.

Good Luck!

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