What Good Managers Do

What Good Managers Do

Good managers are successful managers – a simple statement but undeniably true. We all have had experience of working for good, average and plain bad managers, but what key management behaviours do the good one’s display?

They boil down to the following:

  1. Accountability: if a team member is under-performing and drowning in the role, this is the sole responsibility of that manager as they have either not trained them correctly or the manager has assessed their capability incorrectly. These situations are all fixable through better training or a more suitable role.
  2. Measuring Performance: are the right metrics being used here? Is it just about performance targets being met (e.g. sales at any cost) or is it about making customer retention the biggest measure, forming a solid relationship based upon trust? Customers who trust you will always be loyal and keep coming back.
  3. Nurturing talent: getting the best from people by treating them as adults and motivating them through praise. This means spending on specific training that will allow the team members to really deliver for the organisation – a good, strong philosophy even if this means that staff take this expertise with them when they leave.
  4. Running positive and valuable 1:1 sessions: making these events meaningful and motivating for both sides. Good 1:1 sessions stretch employees to achieve more and contribute more value back into the business.
  5. Putting customer service at the heart of everything: investing time, money and effort in retaining the customers that have been hard-won but making this the responsibility of everyone on the team. No exceptions – everyone contributes to this objective.
  6. Transparency: transparency with all members of the team, all the time. The more the team knows the more they will contribute to what the business is trying to achieve. This also involves listening to everyone’s ideas and opinions to harness creativity and innovation.

Nothing earth-shattering or revolutionary, just doing the basics right!

Try them out and see what you can achieve for you, your team and the organisation.

Good Luck!

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