A Quality Senior Management Route Map

A Quality Senior Management Route Map

There is often a disconnect between senior and middle management, born from several different reasons including mistrust, unclear objectives, contentious tasks and projects handed down from the top table that are at odds with operational capacity and capability.

There are huge amounts of time and effort wasted in this void between both parties that is far better harnessed for the greater good and in a spirit of collaboration and co-operation.

So, if you are one of the lucky folks in the senior management group, how can you drive the organisation onwards yet keep the peace, and the commitment and engagement, of the middle manager group who, after all, are responsible for delivering your strategy?

  1. Set the middle manager group with a maximum of two priority actions; this does not mean that they cannot deal with a range of different projects, just make sure when it comes to priority, got to do this now tasks, keep to two and no more.
  2. Give the resources, focus and attention necessary to make those priorities into something that can be delivered.
  3. Delegate all that is necessary to get the job done: scrimping on resources, information and setting ridiculous deadlines only infuriates staff and deepens the gulf between senior and middle management groups, not to mention resentment.
  4. Let middle management get on with the tasks as set: stop interfering, asking questions and micro-managing the group. All you are doing is wasting time, both yours and theirs.
  5. Resist the temptation for laborious, detailed and frequent Reports; while these are being dealt with time is ticking by that could be spent in a far more productive and cost-effective manner.
  6. Be available for support and guidance: but let the middle management group ask for it when it is needed, not when you think they might need it.

Constant tinkering, demanding and interfering gets you nowhere – and besides this is how the Team Leaders feel about the middle management!

Good Luck!

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