How To Show Your Contribution To The Bottom Line

How To Show Your Contribution To The Bottom Line

Contributing to the bottom line is all about how to make your value shine: if this is not clear then any contribution to the bottom line is doomed to failure and is lost and futile effort.

So, how should this be delivered?

  1. Be totally clear on the outcome the organisation is looking for: start with clearly defined goals and objectives. This is not what you “think” is the goal, but what is outlined and agreed upon by whomever runs the organisation. Clarity on strategy is critical as any effort put in is lost if your actions are irrelevant to what the organisation is all about.
  2. Understand totally what excites your audience and gets them to act: this is all about engaging their minds and behaviours. Make sure that you have the best information possible from the market research your organisation is gathering. This can be as simple as having a strong visual message that represents your product or service: if this is not available then you must go and get this detail yourself. Stakeholders are vital to the success of your operation, so it is just not an excuse to saythat you genuinely did not know what the customer wants and needs.
  3. Understand how you can influence the behaviour of your customers: are there subtle changes that you can make that will bring you more competitive advantage? How can you improve your rating in the eyes of the customer base that you already have and what additional customers could you attract with changes in your influencing strategy? Look critically at your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data – what does that tell you?
  4. Connect the dots: use the data gathered in 3 to move forward, making sure that there are measurable steps in the plan so that you can measure progress.
  5. Report your results: show the outcomes of your activity taking care to exactly link them back to the strategy outcomes that you checked out in the first place in part 1.

Repeat the process systematically, making sure that you are totally clear about the outcome your organisation is looking for.

Good Luck!

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