Listening To Your Critics Brings Management Innovation And Growth

Listening To Your Critics Brings Management Innovation And Growth

Recent trends in management are all about asking the customer for feedback – the problem with this is that this tends to be overwhelmingly on the positive side with limited negative feedback rolled into the overall positive message.

Human nature is all about feeling comfortable with the positive messages as they put us into a sense of security with little or no actions required. Very nice!

What we should be doing is accepting that positive feedback as “cash in the Bank” and then looking with determination and real focus on the negatives in the message.

Even better, why not actively seek out negative feedback? This might seem to be a dangerous step, but it will very effectively highlight areas where you need to improve and become truly better at what you are trying to achieve.

Critical review will make you think hard about what needs to happen and what steps are needed to become even stronger in the market.

There are four clear reasons why leaders and managers should seek out the negatives, while accepting the positives:

  1. You can identify blind spots: this challenges directly your perceptions of what you are doing. The perspectives of others are essential to deliver a balanced and valued product or service. Broader self-awareness brings greater insight and the potential for real improvements.
  2. The truth becomes very clear: hearing feedback that you would rather not hear allows you to uncover the truth about issues and problems that you would otherwise not know about. Always remember that painful feedback is true, so you know that you are on the right path to positive change.
  3. Painful feedback is a valuable learning opportunity: this type of feedback is a gift because you now have the chance to revise or change systems or methods to improve outcomes.
  4. Painful feedback is a Call To Action: considering what you now know you can make the business better, more profitable, and more accountable for its actions.

Negative feedback is the best form of market research you will ever receive as it gives you a golden opportunity to improve and develop what you are doing.

Always remember that a lack of negative criticism is strong evidence that things are not going that well – how can you build and improve your workplace or your business if nobody ever lets you know how you are really doing?

Good Luck!

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