Slower Mental Activity Brings Faster Results

Slower Mental Activity Brings Faster Results

We all face a whole multitude of tasks and responsibilities to deal with and the pace of our working lives never seems to calm down. This is a big problem because in the rush to get things done, many errors and basic mistakes are made, due just to the sheer volume and complexity of tasks to complete.

No wonder serious errors occur, profits are lost, customers annoyed and colleagues become frustrated. The remedy to this trend of thinking fast and furiously is as follows:

  • Slow down your mind to effectively to ‘speed up’ results, taking more time to make deliver a better decision, rather than something that is rushed and will not work effectively.
  • Learn how to not always say yes and taking on things that we are either unsure about or are not confident that we can deal with effectively.
  • Caring a little less where it counts and being clear about your goals.

It is just not possible to continue to do more, more, more in the pursuit of success.

Good Luck

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